Who We Are

We are Praxis, an Ethiopian Coffee Partner. 

Partnering with growers & suppliers locally and traders & roasters internationally; we source, process and supply fine Ethiopian Coffee to the world.

Praxis Coffee is division of Praxis International Business Pvt. Ltd. Co., a company based in Ethiopia & established in 2013. With over 100 employees, the company had an annual turnover of 9 million USD in 2021/22. Praxis also has divisions engaged in the distribution of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and supply/integration of technological equipment/ systems.

Diverse product offerings, commitment to quality and schedules, professional team & business process, partnership-oriented approach and ethical values make us one of the top choices to source Ethiopian coffee from.

Origin GradeProcessingCrop YearCategory
Sidamo G2Washed 2022/2023Commercial
YirgacheffeeG2Washed 2022/2023Commercial
Guji G2Washed 2022/2023Commercial
Limmu G2Washed 2022/2023Commercial
Lekempti G2Washed 2022/2023Commercial
Sidamo G4Unwashed 2022/2023Commercial
GujiG4Unwashed 2022/2023Commercial
Lekempti G4Unwashed 2022/2023Commercial
LekemptiG5Unwashed 2022/2023Commercial
Djimmah G4Unwashed 2022/2023Commercial
DjimmahG5Unwashed 2022/2023Commercial